The Tree – Derek, Peter and James

“That’s a really big tree.” Said James as he inspected its trunk.

Yew could say that again.” Said Peter, to which James gave him the ‘really?’ look.

Wood you stop it with the puns?” Derek said.

“C’mon wood is the best you’ve got? You really need to branch out.” Said Peter.

“I’m just going out on a limb here, but I think you two are the root of all our problems.” Said James, folding his arms.

“You got me, I’m stumped now.” Said Derek.

“You’re such a pine in the butt, James.” Said Peter.

“That was acorn-y pun.” Said Derek.

“That’s fir sure.” James agreed.

Peter laughed. “How does a tree get online?”

Neither James nor Derek said anything.

“They log on!” Peter said with excitement.

“Eh, that was oak-kay.” Derek shrugged.

James merely did a face palm.


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