Who? – Happy Mother’s Day

– To My Irreplaceable Mother –

Who was the one who cared for me when I was young and helpless? Fed me and kept me healthy, and laid me down in the crib to sleep at night?

Who comforted me when I was scared, and held me close in their warm, protective arms when I was lonely?

Who taught me to walk and talk even when knowing that one day I could use these skills to get into all sorts of mischief and trouble?

Who taught me right from wrong so that I could have the understanding of not getting myself into unneeded trouble?

To take it a step further, who corrected me with a swift spank to the rear when I did get myself into trouble? I may have cried and screamed then, but now, in the present, I couldn’t thank you enough for the correction that kept me on the right track.

Some may call it unholy, abuse, or other negatives. I call it an undying love from someone who doesn’t want me to make the wrong choices in life.

Who taught me the importance of sharing and being there for others when they needed someone to be their friend?

Who puts up with my dorky quirkiness every hour of every day and still smiles despite not caring at all about that new Star Wars fact I’ve learned?

Who constantly tries to get me a girlfriend in attempt to tarnish my dorky quirkiness even though I’ll refuse to date them unless they share the very same dorky quirkiness that makes me who I am?

Who introduced me to the world of computers and gave me a passion to learn to work with them?

Who used to sit next to me when I was little and read the words on the screen when ever I played Paper Mario for several hours?

Who walked with me every step of the way and helped me up when I was down?

Who taught me to have a strong mind but a stronger sense of compassion for others? After all, there’s not many people out there who’d rather lift others up over lifting themselves. And I’m glad I’m one of those few, thanks to you.

Who made me conquer all of my fears even though I protested non-stop?

Who still makes me try to conquer my fear of bees even thought I’m always going to bee afraid of them?

Who listens to every single pun I have to day, even though they’re all cringe worthy at best?

Who encourages me to do what I love and tells me to never give up?

And most importantly…

Who allowed me the chance to accomplish all I’ve done and didn’t say no to me before I was even born?

It was you, Mom.

Thank you for everything you have done, will do, and are doing.

I love you so much and I thank you for never giving up on me, from conception to the day we will be separated.

It takes a strong mind and will to never give up on somebody like me.

I owe you my love, life and respect because through the hand of God, you gave me love, life and respect.

I love you SOOOOO much and I pray that I didn’t cause you too many gray hairs for being the troublesome man I am.

With love, thank you, Mom!

Thank you to every mom in the world for being the loving and caring figure of our families and teaching us how to be respectable, mature adults in a world where that’s frowned upon.

But most especially thank you to my Mom for being the loving caring figure in my family!

Happy Mother’s Day!


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