The Daily Grind – Random Fiction 1


Rusty cursed the thought of waking up before the sun had arisen. He slapped the off button on his alarm clock and pulled himself out of bed.

Without time to even eat breakfast, Rusty hopped into his car and ate a granola bar on his way to work. He had to force his eyes to stay open.

Arriving at work, he parked the car and entered into the building.

When his six hours of strenuous and boring work was finally behind him, he clocked out and began his trip back home.

“I think I’ll do something productive today.” Thought Rusty as he sits on his couch watching anime on Netflix.

Before long Rusty took a shower, shaved his hairy face, and laid out his work clothes, ready for tomorrow.

“I’ll do something productive after work tomorrow.” Said Rusty, finishing up his anime marathon.


“Morning already…”

Rusty got dressed and drove to work. Once more doing his part at work until he could finally go home.

“I worked hard today. I’ll do something productive tomorrow.” Said Rusty, pulling up Netflix.

And though it only seemed like minutes, Rusty’s day was gone in a flash. He went about his before bed routine and got everything ready for work tomorrow.


Rusty opened his eyes. He stared at the ceiling and thought to himself, “Adulting sucks.”










Mysterious Lilies

So the usual blend of Lilies here are orange and yellow. That’s how it’s always been. But mysteriously this year the yellow has turned pink? Not sure how that is, but they are nonetheless still nothing but eye candy to me. [Of course, before the pink began to wilt]

It’s been a while since I’ve posted, and I know this isn’t my usual post, but things have been rather busy lately. I’ll try to post more flash fictions in the near future, but until then enjoy these lilies. 

Mr. Weights for Women – Peter

Peter entered into the local gym wearing a tank top and green basketball shorts. Over his shoulder is a small towel and on his right hand a spray bottle.

Making his way to the bench press, he set aside his towel and bottle then proceeded to add fifty pounds to either side of the forty-five pound bar.

After that he sat on the bench press and took hold of his spray bottle which is full of normal water.

He doused his pits, face and hair with water, giving the impression he’s sweating from a long workout. He also sprayed his chest.

Now he laid across the bench press with both hands firmly holding onto the bar.

Now he waited.

He nonchalantly glanced out the window and his eyes behold a gorgeous blonde. Due to her athletic wear, he knew she came to workout.

The moment he heard the door open up, he pushed the bench press bar up slightly, and let it drop back into place loudly.

“One hundred!” He exclaimed as if he were working out for hours. He sat up and said, “Finally, one hundred reps.”

“Oooh, impressive.” The blonde said. She smirked, “You have to show me how you do it! Just one more.”

Peter mentally punched himself in the gut. “Uh, alright…”

He laid back down and Grabbed hold od the bench press bar. He was barely able to heave it, and once it fell to his chest he couldn’t move — or breath.

The girl laughed loudly then effortlessly lifted the bar up and put it back in its place. “If you’re going to fake out working out for woman, you could at least hide the spray bottle.”

Peter fell to the floor and pounded it with his fist. “…Man she was hot.”

Summer Pool Fool – Derek, Peter, and James

“Wahoo!” Peter cried of joy after jumping off of the highest diving board and making a perfect sploosh.

“Told you it was awesome!” Derek said vigorously.

They gave a high five which only served to splash water in both of their eyes. They both shouted and desperately tried to rub the chlorine out.

“That’s why I wear goggles.” James said, floating next to them.

“James, you gotta try the highest diving board, it’s insane.” Peter said.

“I won’t even do the shortest diving board, what makes you think I’d do the highest?” James questioned.

“Come on Mr. Goggles. If you won’t go, we’ll take you there.” Derek said.

James protested non stop as his two older brothers took him by the arms and literally dragged him to the ladders and carried him up to the highest diving board.

They blocked the ladder so he was forced to jump if he wanted to get down.

“Only one way down, bro!” Peter laughed.

“I hate you guys.” James deadpanned.

“Love you too.” Derek said.

James gulped and peered down the edge of the diving board. He figured he shouldn’t be seeing three of the same pool.

“Do it before the sun burns you, we all know how sensitive your pale skin is!” Peter teased loudly.

“I hate you guys so much.” James repeated.

Standing with knobbly legs, James took a deep breath and loosened himself for a jump.

3, 2, 1…!

After only one jump, James lost his footing on the board and slid off, landing on the board below it which knocked the air out of him. He slid off that one and fell in the pool with a splash so small a sick chihuahua could’ve achieved greater than it.

The entire public pool erupted in laughter as James climbed out of the pool, wrapped a towel around his waist, and stormed toward his house.

Derek was still laughing even after Peter had settled.

“How long do you think it’ll take before he realizes he forgot something?” Derek asked Peter as he held up James’ sopping wet blue and white swim trunks.

“He’ll never swim again!” Peter laughed.

Fountain – Poem for Taking Action

The gentle splish and splosh of the local cemetery fountain is enough to sooth any troubled soul.

Be they who come by to pay respects to those gone before them, or even those like me who finds tranquility and ease from the simple sound of a fountain in a manmade pond.

The serene atmosphere is ideal for those with a pen in hand—or as of today’s age—an app for writing.

Even still, the sounds of traffic on the nearby street may ruin the beautiful, calming effect for most people. Tires rolling against the asphalt, engines revving…

For me?

I enjoy that as well. It’s a constant reminder to me that time is always racing by, like those scrambling to and from work, school, or what be it in their motor vehicles.

It gives me a sense of urgency. Most people wouldn’t like that, but it motivates me to act in the now. For example, have to write now, as I may not get the chance to write ever again.

Tomorrow isn’t guaranteed for everybody. Our days are numbered.

So I have to accomplish my goals before my time is up.

Odd to gather that kind of mindset over silly nearby traffic, isn’t it?

On the same faucet, the fountains remind me that I don’t have to rush, I can go about it in my own pace.

Allow my words to flow onto the page in sync with the ripples of water that dance across the sun speckled pond.

If I sit down and write a six thousand word story in a matter of minutes, chances are it wasn’t very well written.

Great things take time. As long as I’m getting it accomplished at a reasonable pace, I’m fulfilling my goal.

At least that’s what my peculiar mind conjures up from a simple cemetery fountain and the nearby street.