Rocket Robbery – Peter and Stella

“It doesn’t take a genius to know this is a bad idea.” said Stella, arms folded and eyebrow quirked.

“That’s what makes it fun!” Peter stated proudly as he picked the lock on Derek’s door. Derek is currently away from the house with some friends.

The two inched into his room. It’s decorated with guitars, countless photos of himself, family, and friends, as well as a blown up picture of James’ eye in a twitch. Even while he’s away he left his stereo playing rock music from his big, expensive speakers.

Peter opened up the bottom drawer of Derek’s dresser and began to dig around.

“You sure it’s in there?” Stella questioned. She was about to ask why he’d hide a rocket in the first place, but the answer was very clear to her.

Peter unearthed the functional model rocket from the depths of Derek’s dresser. “Positive!”

The two scrambled out the door, down the stairs, across the living, through the garage (where a curious little robot called Prototype began to follow), and finally out to the front yard.

Peter assembled the model rocket on the driveway and firmly held the remote control.

And dropped it.

“Lemme see it.” Stella said, reaching for the remote.

“I took it and assembled it. You get your turn after mine.”

Prototype blipped happily.

The rocket hummed as Peter sent power into it. Before long the rocket blasted into the air, impressing the three watchers.

At least until it flew into second story window with a loud crash!

“Nice going.” Said Stella.

Peter chuckled. “At least it’s back in Derek’s room…”

Neither were aware of Prototype, who’s eyes quickly turned red. He shouted in his synthesized robotic boy voice, “Intruder breaking in!”

Both Peter and Stella exclaimed, trying to calm the aggravated robot.

“It’s not an intruder!” Peter shouted, waving his arms.

But it was too late. Prototype fired a REAL rocket into the very same window the FAKE rocket blasted into. There was a loud boom, some fire, lots of breaking sounds. One of Derek’s expensive speakers flew out of the window and nearly beheaded Peter.

Peter and Stella exchanged a glance.

“Technically Prototype broke his room, so…” Stella began.

“Then technically that makes it James’ fault since Prototype is his robot…” Peter mentioned.

“Intruder neutralized.” Prototype said.

Peter and Stella slowly walked away from the robot.


Paper – Derek, Peter and James

“Do you guys mind?” Questioned an irritable James who’s trying to read a science-y looking book.

“We’re minding our own business, what’s your problem?” Asked Derek.

“You are, that much is true. But you’re both crinkling those wads of paper and it’s really distracting.” James stated.

“You mean like this?” Said Peter, then he and Derek began simultaneously crinkling the paper balls in each of James’ ears.

“Really, just stop it!” James shouted.

Derek and Peter exchanged a glance.

“Fine, we’ll stop.” Derek said.


James could finally concentrate on his book now that his two older brothers stopped acting like four year olds.

But you should know by now that this was to be short lived.


“What the heck, guys!” James exclaimed has big wet paper spit balls smacked him in the face.

“You told us to stop crinkling the paper. But we needed to do something with it.” Peter said.

“I’m leaving.” Said James, standing up and walking toward the bedroom door.

About twenty spit balls stuck to his back as Derek and Peter initiated rapid fire on their little brother. After he left the room they proceeded to spit paper at each other until they ran out of paper.

“Now what.” Derek said.

“We could use my homework, not like I’ll need it.” Peter offered.

“Let’s do it.”

Basketball – Michelle and Mike

Siblings. They are just plainly unpredictable. One day, they’re happy as can be, playing and getting along with each other. Then the next day rolls around and suddenly they’re the worst of enemies. They can bicker about  the strangest things, and half of the time it’s not even worth the fight. But in their eyes it’s somehow worth it. Winning that worthless fight is their only goal; no matter the argument.

    Michelle and Mike are shining examples of fighting siblings. Sometimes Michelle gets on Mike’s last nerve, or sometimes Mike teases Michelle one too many times. But regardless, a day doesn’t go by without them duking it out at least one time.

    And today is no exception.

Mike Retro and his best friend Clarissa Clarity are walking down the tan carpeted hallway, out from his dirty room and down the spiral stairs.

    Mike is holding a Spalding Official NBA basketball in his hands. Both he and Clarissa are dressed in blue jeans and winter jackets.

    He has a cotton dark gray jacket. The pocket lips and zipper chain is highlighted in electric blue. He’s also wearing a blue baseball cap over his short, dark brown hair. His eyes are a shade of green.  

    Clarissa’s flannel jacket is purple and pink. Her hair reaches below her shoulder blades and the color is light brown. Her eyes are a deep blue.

    Normally they wouldn’t bother with dressing warm, but it’s pretty cold outside, so they had to. Else they want to hear from Mike’s mom about it, which they definitely don’t.

    As they made their way down the stairs, Mike swung around the rail at the bottom of the stairs, running to the front door while Clarissa just walked down, not running until she hit the last step.

    Almost there. Mike thought to himself as he gripped the handle of the front door.

    “Hey Mike, what are you guys doing?” A younger, light auburn haired girl asked. She’s Mike’s little sister, Michelle. She’s wearing a light blue T-shirt with a shooting star pattern, and white shorts. Her hair is pulled up into a ponytail with a white scrunchie.

    Mike huffed in annoyance. She’s been following them all throughout the day, and it’s really starting to annoy him. I mean, doesn’t she have anybody else to play with? Friends, mom or dad…anyone besides Clarissa and him?

    “Clarissa and I are going outside to play basketball.”

    “Can I play with you guys?” She asked hopefully.

    Mike and Clarissa exchanged glances, Mike’s face showing irritation, while Clarissa’s was neutral.

    “No. I’ve already told you to leave us alone.” He replied rudely. “Go find something else to do.”

    “I’m sure you can find something to do, Michelle.” Clarissa encouraged.

    Michelle grabbed Mike’s arm and began shaking it. “Please? I wanna play with you guys!” She begged. “I’ve been playing alone all day. Just this once?”

    Mike whipped his arm away. “No Michelle!” He shouted. “Mom, can you please do something?”

    “Shelly, baby, why don’t you come help me in the kitchen and leave your brother alone?” Her mom offered gently.

    “No, I want to play basketball too.” She whined. “Clarissa, can I play?”

    Clarissa sighed. Now she’s on the spot. She didn’t want to hurt Michelle’s feelings by saying no, but she also didn’t want her to play because…well, she really isn’t that good.

    She was about to speak but Mike took over for her. “Michelle, I’ve told you already, now go before I make you.” He demanded, standing tall before her.

    The young girl frowned and looked away sadly. “You’re such a jerk sometimes, Mike.” She muttered under her breath.

    “What did you say?”

    “I didn’t say anything!”

    “Yes you did, you called me a jerk!” He shoved Michelle.

    “Okay guys…there’s no need to fight.” Clarissa intervened, butting in between of them. “We can just play a board game or something.”

    “No, I didn’t!”

    “Yes, you did!”

    “Okay, well…here they go.” Clarissa just dropped out and sat on the couch. There was no stopping them until they were finished. Might as well watch Garfield and Friends to pass the time.

    “All I wanted to do was play with you guys!”

    “Well too bad, you can go play somewhere else!”

    Michelle, out of anger, swiped the basketball from his arms and began running away.

    “Hey!” Mike chased after her. “You’re gonna wish you hadn’t done that, I’ll make sure of it!”

    Their mother walked out of the kitchen and removed her oven mitts. She shook her head. “I’m so sorry, Clarissa.” She apologized for her children. “You can help me out in the kitchen if you’d like?”

    Clarissa thought for a moment. “Sure, why not.”

    Michelle sprinted down the hall and made a sharp turn into the bathroom. The door was quickly slammed shut and the knob clicked to a lock.

    Only a second behind, Mike began relentlessly trying to open the door, but it wouldn’t budge. He banged on the door. “Fine, stay in the there. But I’m not moving from this spot until you come out!” He shouted, folding his arms and planting his feet.

    The bathroom was silent, save for her panting. She sat on the toilet seat and held the basketball tightly against her chest.

    What could she do? The logical thing to do would be to confront Mike and make amends, but who knows what he’ll do to her. Or she could just make a living in here. She’ll never stink or go thirsty, but there wasn’t any food. There has to be another way out…

    The window against the wall instantly grabbed her attention. Maybe she was small enough to fit through?

    Mike waited outside impatiently, holding his ear to the door. He couldn’t quite tell what he was hearing, but he could hear something. It kind of sounded like something clicking, then that something being slid along something else.

    The window… he thought.

    Her feet froze against the freezing cold grass, but at last she’s free from Mike. Sure, it’s cold and she isn’t exactly dressed for the winter weather (shorts and a T-shirt doesn’t really cut the bologna,) but a freezing five second sprint to the front door beats confronting Mike any day.

    Hastily, she sped around the house to the front door, still holding the basketball. She gripped the door handle and turned it.


    It doesn’t open. She tried turning it again and it still wouldn’t open up. Peeking in through the curtain, she noticed Mike, and he’s sticking his tongue out at her. “Mike, open the door, it’s cold!” She shouted, dropping the basketball and hugging her body.

    “You said you wanted to play basketball, so go play it!” He shut the curtain.

    “Let me in! I’m sorry!”

    “You’re always sorry after you do something wrong!”

    “I don’t want to play alone! Mike, please, I’m really really sorry!”

    “Nope, you had it coming for you!” And with that, he’s gone.

    “Miiiike!” She whined loudly. Her teeth are chittering and the cold atmosphere felt like it was biting at her flesh. With every exhale she could see her own breath.

    She continued banging and shouting at the door for about an hour, but as everybody was in the basement (Mike convinced his mom to play Uno with him and Clarissa down there, so she wasn’t aware that Michelle is outside,) her shouts were only heard by the wind.

    That is, until Randy pulled into the driveway. AKA Dad.

    Any good father would wonder why his little girl was outside in the cold dressed like it was summer. So naturally he was shocked to see her out here shivering and red nosed, hunkered in between the doorstep and the grill in desperate attempt to keep warm.

    At the sound of the truck door slamming, she looked up and sniffed. “Daddy!” she cried.

    “Michelle, what on earth are you doing out here dressed in shorts and a t-shirt?” He questioned.

    She stood up and hugged him. Unlike herself, he was extremely warm. “Mike locked me outside!”

    “Well, I guess I’ll have to have a talk with him, then.” he stuck his keys in the keyhole and unlocked the door.

    Stepping inside, Michelle by his side, they listened for the others. It wasn’t too hard to find them, just follow the source of rowdy laughter and ever-ending giggling.

    They turned the corner at the end of the room and walked down the stairs.

    “Michael, care to explain?” Randy firmly asked, eyeballing his son.

    Haley gasped, dropped her Uno cards and ran up to her sniffling daughter. She placed a hand on her forehead.

    “Why are you asking me? I didn’t do it!” Mike lied.

    “Oh, so Clarissa did it?” Randy questioned.

    “No! Michelle probably just walked outside and forgot to unlock the door!” Mike explained, standing up and gesturing as he spoke.

    “No, you locked the door, I saw you!”

    He growled and pointed at her. “Well she called me a jerk and stole my basketball!”

    “I only did that because you wouldn’t let me play with you guys!”

    “Hold it, stop fighting!” Haley commanded loudly. “Somebody please explain the whole story. I know about Mike excluding Michelle in basketball, and Michelle stealing it the ball, but what happened after that?”

    Mike spoke up. “Okay, after that, Michelle kept on bugging us about wanting to play, and after we kept telling her no, she called me a jerk and stole my basketball, then locked herself in the bathroom.”

    “Okay that’s your story, so what’s yours, Michelle?” Randy asked.

    “After he kept telling me no, and I said what I said, he yelled and shoved me back. I took his basketball and ran, then I locked myself in the bathroom. He told me that he would make sure that I would regret doing what I did and stood out there waiting for me. So I crawled out of the bathroom window and ran to the front door, but Mike locked me outside.” Michelle explained.

    “There we go. Two separate stories. Now piece them together and we have the full story.” Randy explained. He faced Clarissa. “I’m sorry, Clarissa, but I think you should go home now.”

    She nodded. “Okay, thanks for having me over…” She stood up and grabbed her stuff. “Bye Mike, see you later. Bye Michelle, Mr. And Mrs. Retro.”

    “I’ll drive you there.” Haley said, leading Clarissa upstairs. She whispered something in Randy’s ear before heading out.

    “Okay. You two both know what happens when you guys misbehave, especially when company is over.” Randy upsetly warned.

    “No way, I’m not doing it. It’s her fault.” Mike said, folding his arms.

    “Was not!” Michelle countered.

    Randy cleared his throat. “I don’t hear any compliments.”

    Because these two siblings are always fighting, Randy and Haley decided that whenever they argue they have to compliment each other one hundred times.

    Sometimes they would rather spend their time with the paddle than sit and come up with one hundred compliments.

    “Can’t we just apologize and be over with this?” Mike asked.

    Randy shook his head. “One hundred more to go.”

    They both sighed.

    “I like your hair.” Michelle said.

    “I like your shirt.” Mike said.

    “I like your shoes.” Michelle said.

    “I like your…I don’t know. Forehead.”

    “Ninety-six more to go.” Randy told them.

    They both continued their complements as Randy counted them down. It probably wouldn’t have taken so long, except after every ten compliments they asked if they could be finished.

    You would think that after all this time, they would learn to get along. Even if it’s only to escape this punishment.

    They’ll learn someday…hopefully..


-The End-


This is a short story that I wrote February of 2016. As such, I hope the overall writing isn’t too horrible!

The story takes place in the same universe as The McWilliams Family.

Hope you enjoyed the reading!

Stuck in Elevation – Derek and the Dorks

Derek is fast walking his way towards the mall, his backpack latched onto his back. His mother told him that he needed to drop by the mall to pick Stella’s tennis uniform she had ordered. And that he needed to go immediately after school.

But he wasn’t fast walking cause he needed to hurry. He was fast walking because of who was trailing him.

Nigel and Maurice, aka the school dorks.

“Derek,” heave, “you sure are fast!” said Maurice as he tried to keep up.

“We can’t show you our new playing cards from the Arc Wizards vs The Goblin Empire expansion pack if you keep up that pace!” Said Nigel.

Maurice nodded vigorously. “They even added a new a new type; Light!

“As tempting as that sounds,” Derek began, his tone of voice as least caring as it could ever be, “I’m gonna have to miss out. I need to pick up my sister’s outfit, and—”

“We’ll wait outside, then!” Both dorks said in unison with equal enthusiasm.

Derek cringed. “No, don’t do that.” he said.

“We’ll go in with you, then!”

Before Derek could express is utter distaste for their statement, they followed him into the overcrowded mall.

There were hundreds of people and dozens of stores. Derek tried to make a run in attempt to lose the dorks, but they kept right on his tail, telling him all about their new expansion pack.

In and out of stores, under and around crowds of people, and he even tried to hide in the bathroom.

Finally he ran as fast as he could into an elevator that leads him to the clothes store he needed to pick up Stella’s outfit from.

The dorks were nowhere to be found. Derek quickly selected to go up one floor and the doors closed.

With a sigh of relief, Derek leaned against the wall and patiently waited for his stop.

“Why are you picking up Stella’s outfit anyway?” Asked Nigel.

Derek exclaimed and turned around. Both Nigel and Maurice are now in the elevator with him.

“But—you—how did you—what?!” Derek rambled.

“He’s acting awful suspicious.” said Maurice. “You sure you’re not just trying to avoid us?”

Then the elevator stopped and the lights went out. The doors never opened.

“You’ve got to be kidding me!!” Derek shouted out in frustration.

The dorks proceeded to enthuse Derek about their dorky fantasy card game, oblivious to his anger.

Poison Ivy – Peter and Selena

“You should take a whiff of these cool leaves.” Said Peter to Selena. They are on a walk through the woods.

“What kind of leaves do you have there? Asked Selena, glancing toward her older brother through her spectacles.

“These pointy shiny ones.” replied Peter, showing one to Selena.

Selena cringed but also held back a laugh. “Peter…that’s poison ivy.”

Peter didn’t believe her. “Nice try, Selena. I’m older than you, and you think I wouldn’t know what poison ivy looks like?”

The next day Peter’s face was covered in glossy red bumps and rashes and his skin was bright red. On his hands he wears oven mitts to prevent further scratching.

“C’mon Selena, why didn’t you tell me it was poison ivy?” Peter complained as he fought the painful urge to scratch.

“Some people just have to learn the hard way.” Selena rolled her eyes.



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“Good evening, sir. What can I get for you?” Said the waiter.

“I’ll take a big, juicy steak. Medium well.” Said the customer.

“And will that be all?”

“That should do it.”

“Very well.”

The customer received his meal ten minutes after he ordered. The waiter returned five minutes after that.

“How is your meal, sir?” Asked the waiter.

“It’s good, but they gave me seafood.”

The waiter’s eyes popped open. “I’m terribly sorry sir, I’ll go and—”

After taking a big bite the customer said, “See, food!” And he opened his mouth wide.

The waiter held back a gag and said, “Oh, the vulgarity!” as he walked away.


If you enjoyed my flash fiction, please let me know in the comments. I love to hear what you have to say, even if it’s constructive criticism.

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Canadian Root Beer – Peter and Derek

A cute blonde girl is hastily retrieving things from her locker, looking like she’s trying to get out of there as soon as possible.

“What’s up, babe?” Said Peter the lover of all girls. He’s leaning against the locker beside hers.

The blonde girl muttered something along the lines of ‘So close!’ She kept a tight grip on her books and said, “Hello, Peter…”

“So I was wondering if you’d like to accompany me for a movie tonight?” Asked Peter cooly.

“Sorry, I-I can’t because…” Her mind raced for an excuse. “Because I’m moving to Canada!” She quickly said.

“I can go with you! We can eat some Canadian bacon and drink Canadian root beer. Do they make that?”

“No! You can’t because…my dad is allergic to you.” On her way to break into a run, she dropped one of her books. She didn’t bother to retrieve it and ran as fast as she could.

Derek walked up beside Peter and said. “Wow. I’ve never seen Tabitha run before in my life.”

“She totally digs me, bro.” Peter chuckled.


If you enjoyed my flash fiction, please let me know in the comments. I love to hear what you have to say, even if it’s constructive criticism.

While you’re at it, why not check out my other flash fictions? There’s many more that features the McWilliams family, and so much more!

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