Scary Movie Night – Michelle, Mike and James (Part 1)

It’s finally here. Friday night. No school. Parents are out. several friends with nothing to do besides watch the hands of a clock tick on by.

    This is the perfect setup for the ultimate scary movie night. Mike has popcorn, sodas, candy, and to top it all off…

    Energy drinks.

    There’s only two pitfalls to this nearly perfect plan. Grandma Susan is home, and his little sister Michelle is home. Michelle is only twelve, and it’s a PG-13 movie, so…she can’t watch it. It’s a guys only movie night anyways.

    Thankfully, there should be a fix for both of these problems:

    For Susan, all he has to do is give her a bag of cherry flavored pull-apart Twizzlers, and presto! She’ll lock herself away with those.

    Michelle is the easiest, because all he has to do is threaten that he’ll drop a loogie on her again. And he would, he’s been doing it for nearly seven years. It will keep her in her room because she hates it.

    “So can you make it?” Mike asked over the phone, pacing the kitchen floor over.

    “Yeah, sure. I don’t have anything better to do. I’ve just been watching the clock hands tick by.” A boy’s voice spoke on the other end. It’s his friend, Tim.

    “Great, see you soon, then!” He ended the call and sat his smartphone on the kitchen counter.

    Aside from Tim, he invited a few other people, which includes his other friend, Hayden, and their new-ish across-the-street neighbors Derek and Peter McWilliams. But not their youngest brother, James. He’s not thirteen yet.

    They’re actually not that new, as they’ve been living there for a couple of months, and Mike’s mom knew them for many years, because she went to school with Derek’s mom when they were kids about a hundred or so years ago. Whenever they were teenagers.

    Michelle walked in the kitchen, asking, “Mike, did grandma make dinner yet?” as she took a seat on one of the bar stools.

    “No,” Mike said, “I told her we would just have sandwiches tonight.”

    “Why would you tell her that?” she questioned.

    “Because it’s fast and easy, and I have friends coming over soon.”

    Michelle grabbed a bag of Skittles off the counter. “Is that what the candy is for?”

    “Yeah,” he snagged the bag of candy from her, “it is. I’m having a movie night, and I need you to stay in your room.” He took a skittle and ate it. It was a green one, in case you were wondering.

    “How come? Can’t I watch it with you guys?” She asked, raising an eyebrow.

    “No. We’re watching a grown up horror movie.”

    She shuddered. “Well you’re not a grown up.”

    “But I’m over thirteen. And it’s rated PG-13.” Mike replied. “Maybe you can watch it…when you’re old enough. But until then…”

    “I would totally watch it with you guys. I’m only one year early.”

    “No you can’t, you’re too young. I just said you have to be thirteen. And it’s also a guys only movie night. Now go back up to your room before I give you your favorite.” Mike warned, referring to a loogie over her face.

    “I’ll tell Mom and Dad when they get home.” Michelle warned.

    Mike didn’t respond. Instead, he grabbed Michelle’s arm and started to hock up a loogie.

“No!” she ripped her arm out of his grip. “Fine. I’ll go to my room. But let me get my sandwich first.”

    “Just hurry up.”

    Mike is kinda anxious, and as a result, he’s being extremely impatient.

    It’s his first ever guys only scary movie night. Actually, this is his first ever movie night, so he wants it to be perfect. He’s been to others before, so he has to make a good impression for his peeps.

    Michelle took two slices of bread and began spreading some peanut butter and jelly on it. She noticed a peculiar can of some sorts sitting on the table. “What’s this?” she asked.

    “That’s an energy drink. And no, you can’t have one.” Mike answered.

    “We’re not allowed to have energy drinks!” Michelle exclaimed. “Does Grandma know about this?”

    “Grandma went to the EX-Press mart and bought them for me.”

    Michelle shook her head. “You’re gonna get in so much trouble…and so is Grandma, apparently.”

    Although…she was curious to how an energy drink may taste.

    After eyeing the can for a few moments, she took her sandwich and brought it up to her room.

    “If I get caught, which I’m not.” Mike muttered as he watched her walk upstairs. He sat the Skittles back on the counter.

    There’s about ten more minutes until his friends arrive with the movie, so he decided to use this time to make the popcorn and prepare sodas.

    Mike heard a knock on the door. He opened it up and, as he expected, it was his friends.

    “Hey guys.” Mike greeted. He stepped aside so they could walk in. “Are you guys ready for the ultimate guy’s horror movie night?” he enthusiastically asked.

    “Yeah!” Tim answered. “I brought the movie. Zomstrosities of the Demon’s Den.”

    Mike smirked. “Awesome!”

    “Yeah uh…” Derek began. “Our parents wouldn’t let Peter and I go if we didn’t bring baby brother, so…”

    James is standing in-between his elder brothers, arms folded with a bored expression on his face. “I’d rather be at home tinkering, not wasting my time watching a horror movie. And I’m not a baby, I’m twelve years old!”

    That wasn’t part of the plan…oh well. Nobody will know he watched a PG-13 movie.

    “Sorry James, but I don’t see much else you could do. Since you have to be here, after all.” Mike said. “Unless you’d rather hang out with Michelle through the entire movie. I’m sure it’d make her happy to have company.”

    “Oooh!” All the guys teased in unison.

    James blushed. “No. I’d rather just have stayed home.” he responded defensively. “There is much better ways to spend one’s time.”

    “Don’t tell me that you’re scared, little bro!” Peter teased.

    Derek gave James a slightly painful noogie. “It’s just a movie!” he stated.

    James rubbed his head and straightened his white bifocals, deciding to remain silent. Sometimes that’s the best solution.

    It’s always the best solution.

    “Just so you guys know, if I fall asleep, I snore like a mammoth whose caught a cold in the middle of the ice age.” Hayden admitted randomly, finally deciding to speak up.

    They all stared at him weirdly for a couple of seconds, but then they all bursted out laughing.

    “Okay,” Mike said in between laughter, “we need to get this started before it gets too late.”

    Mike popped the Blu-ray disc out of the Zomstrosities case and inserted into the entertainment station, then pressed Start.

    The boys all scattered to random comfort locations.

    Hayden sat in grandma Susan’s rocking chair. He made sure to note that it “smells like apples and fresh laundry.” From left to right, James, Peter and Derek sat on the couch. Both Mike and Tim sat in front of the couch. They think because they’re the closest to the TV, they’re the bravest.

    All of the lights are turned out, the only source of light coming from the TV. There’s several cans of orange soda and various kinds of candy on the coffee table.

    Once started, the title, Zomstrosities of the Demon’s Den appeared on the screen, accompanied by blood curdling screams and cries of agony. The title text dripped, like warm blood streaming from a fresh wound.

    A number of the boys felt uneasy already, however they are all too stubborn to admit to it. Except James, who frowned and glanced to his side, keeping his eyes off the TV as much as he could get away with. He still wished he hadn’t come.

    “The sins of man have troubled us greatly. These…monsters. We’ve created them with our own evil deeds.” A man on the movie spoke. “Because of our ignorance…our carelessness.”

    On the TV, a hideous creature that appears to be a monstrous zombie flashed on the screen. It’s flesh is torn and exposed. Blood trickles from it’s face down to it’s body. Several bones are visible, such as the bottom jaw, along its limbs and parts of its ribcage.

    It shrieked as it tore into a man who’s holding a gun, ripping his body to shreds in a bloody assault before the man even had the time to pull the trigger. It turned toward the screen and shrieked once more as it charged toward the screen and lunged.

    “This is…” James began, but he was shushed by all the others.

    “We’re responsible for these monstrosities. And now we pay for our sins…but God, please have mercy on our souls.”

    Lightning flashed.

    “Every third month of every third year…a terrible storm covers the planet. The demon’s den opens. And they break loose.”

    “First they kill the adultsthose most capable of self-defense. Then they attack the children. Before long, all of humanity lives on by only a thread…”

    Mike and Derek are watching on, like motionless zombies.

    Tim and Peter have huge, uninterrupted smiles. Definitely interested and not at all sickened or shakened.

    James squeezed his body as close as he could between the corners of the couch, with a blanket over his lap and in his hands. He continued to glance away from the screen as often as he could.

    Hayden is already asleep, snoring like a mammoth stricken with a cold in the middle of the ice age, which completely offsets the unsettling mood this movie instills. Several of the boys throw him an annoyed glare, but quickly return their gaze to the screen as several horrified and blood curdling screams are heard.

    “This movie is so good…” Mike whispered. “You don’t even need popcorn.”

    “I know right?” Tim answered as he took a handful of popcorn right after a guzzle of orange soda.

    “Hey that was my orange soda!” Peter complained.

    Through all of this, Michelle had wandered out from her room, peeking from the tip top of the spiral staircase. She knew full well that Mike would punish her if he found her out, but she was still hungry. She only had one sandwich after all.

    Thankfully, Mike and his buddies were all too engrossed in that horror movie to notice her presence.

    She snuck down the staircase, very light footed because the stairs like to squeak as if you’re stepping on rubber chickens.

    Tiptoeing across the living room, and crawling behind the couch, before long she was in the kitchen. Boom bam, she’s like a ninja!

    Using her newfound ninja skills, she expertly scavenged some of the plenteous of junk food they left in the kitchen…

    And she only dropped half of the bag of Skittles on the floor!

    “Oops!” She whispered, quickly fixing the bag in an upright position and darting for the door. The sound of the Skittles falling would surely alert the movie watchers.

    All of the guys broke focus from the TV because of the noise from the kitchen. It sounded strangely of dropped marbles.

    Michelle backed against the doorway, out of their sight.

    “What was that?” James instantly asked, breathing heavier than before.

    “I don’t know…” Mike responded uneasily.

    He cautiously stood from the floor, staring at the doorway to the kitchen. Eventually the rest (except Hayden, cause he’s still sleeping,) followed suit. The TV continued to flash and shine behind their bodies.

    “You don’t think it’s…?”

    “No way. It’s not storming, it couldn’t be…”

    All the boys slowly walked into the kitchen, and Michelle pressed her body tightly against the wall, closed her eyes and held her breath as they passed her.

    Thankfully, none of them noticed her. So once they all passed, she quietly walked back in the living room and headed for the stairs.

    Except somebody is walking down the stairs!

    What can she do? The boys are all in the kitchen, and Susan decided she needed to grab a midnight snack! Gah! Why is life always against her?

    Probably because this Author is a terrible person. That seems like the most logical reason.

    With no other course of action to take, she jumped over the arm of the couch and pulled the blanket completely over herself.

    Susan walked on by, completely oblivious to the snoring mammoth and of the wicked movie blaring on the TV.

    She flipped on the kitchen light.

    “Ah!” All the boys shouted, scared out of their wits. They all covered their burning eyes from the sudden light.

    “What’s going on here?” Susan questioned as she witnessed all the boys scream like little school girls.

    “Grandma, I—”

    “And how come I wasn’t invited?” She finished.

    All the boys sighed in relief.

    “Yeah, sorry grandma. I would have invited you, but it’s kind of a boys movie night.” Mike explained.

    Susan shook her head in disbelief. “No, I see what’s going on,” Susan said sadly. “You just think you’re too old for you old grandma, don’t you Mike?”

    “No, grandma. You’re just overreacting again…” Mike bummed.

    “Don’t try to explain it to me, that’s what you really think…unless you could prove to me it’s not…?”

    So that’s it. Susan was never upset, she only wanted to con Mike out of more Twizzlers. Figures.

    Mike rolled his eyes and handed Susan a bag of cherry licorice off the table, and she went on her merry way.

    “Sorry guys,” Mike apologized, “let’s get back to the movie.”

    They all walked back to the living room, resuming previous positions. Except Peter decided to join Mike and Tim on the floor this time. Also James and Derek swapped sides. Okay, so it’s almost nothing like their previous positions…

    “They’re coming! Quickly seal the doors—

No. They’re…they’re breaking through! They’ve got my leg! Augh, they’re digging into my leg! It hurts! Augh!! They’re ripping me in—”

    The zombie snarled violently as he ate the man. Several people are backed into a corner with zombies slowly approaching them.

    “Not my baby! No!” A woman shouted in desperation as her child is being chased by zombies.

    Thankfully her husband sliced off the heads of the zombies which gave his child enough time to escape…

    But it cost him his life.

This is part 1 of 3. This is an old story of mine which I decided to post here for your entertainment. Hopefully you liked it!


Stick-It Notes – Gus and Peter

Gus, father of the McWilliams children, walked to the kitchen for a bite to eat.

Recalling chocolate pie in the fridge made that his first stop.

He opened up the refridgerator and behold, half a chocolate pie. But there was a stick-it note on the plastic lid.

“Do not eat – Peter” is what it read.

There was also a note on the orange soda. “Do not drink – also Peter”

In fact, all of the food in the fridge had a stick-it note plastered onto it with a family member’s name on it.

Giving up on a snack, Gus decided to watch some TV. He plopped on the couch and picked up the remote.

It also had a stick-it note!

“I call the TV next – Derek” it read.

“You’ve got to be kidding me.” Said Gus.

The car keys, bathroom door, laundry, board games, video games, laptops, phones, EVERYTHING had stick-it notes stuck to them by various members of the McWilliams family, each claiming ownership as if the stick-it note prevented others from using whatever they’re stuck it.

And it worked so far…

Gus shook his head. “I know how to stop this.”

Peter walked in the house, a bag of fast food in his hands. “I need to stick-it note my ownership on these…”

He walked to the closet to grab a stick-it note but was shocked to see the package of stick-it notes had a note on it.

“These are mine now. – Gus/Dad”

“Darn it.” Peter said.

Procrastination – Derek and Selena

Selena let out a loud groan, rubbing her temples.

“What’s the matter with you?” Asked Derek.

“I have this school project I have to do with Brandon, but my head is killing me right now…” She took her glasses off momentarily.

“Then don’t do it?” Said Derek with a shrug.

“I have to do it. It’s a school project, remember?” Selena repeated.

“What I meant was don’t worry about it now. Just do it later.”

“How would that help?” She asked.

“Selena, Selena, Selena.” Derek echoed. “It’s called procrastination. Don’t do it until you feel like it!”

Selena gave him a weird look. “That doesn’t sound very productive.”

“That’s the point.” Derek said. “Just listen to me. Have I ever done you wrong?”

“Do you want me to sugar coat the answer?” She asked. “But I guess I’ll try it. I’ll do more harm than good feeling this way anyway.

Two Weeks Later…

Selena and Brandon carted their parts of a project together. Brandon said, “Okay, I think I’ve made mine right. What about yours?”

Selena half chuckled and rubbed her arm. “Well actually…”

Confused, Brandon removed the cover of Selena’s project to reveal it was nothing more than scattered parts and unused tools.

“What the heck do you call this?!” He exclaimed in horror, knowing well they were gonna fail.

“I call it ‘I’m never listening to my brother’s advice again.'”

A “Wand”-derful Wizard – Peter and Selena

At first sound of a truck making a stop at their place, Peter dashed down the carpeted stairs and made it out the front door before the UPS man even got out of his truck.

He bounced excitedly as the less-than-enthusiastic UPS man grabbed a box from his truck and handed it over to Peter.

“It’s finally here!” Peter shouted joyously. This caught Selena’s attention, who was sitting in a lawn chair reading Sci-Fi.

“What’s here?” She inquired, taking a moment to look away from her novel and watch Peter tear the package open.

“From this day forth, my life will be changed forever…” Peter heroically raised his hand into the air. In his palm was a shiny wooden wand. “Behold.”

“…really?” Selena questioned without feeling. “Fantasy is so lame.”

“Oh yeah? Is this lame?” Peter questioned. He wove the wand around in circular motions. “Levitate!”

Nothing happened. Selena returned to her novel.

“Stupid thing. Let’s try an easier one…” He wove the wan again, this time cross ways at a rock. “Imitate!”

Nothing happened.

Peter quickly grew bored and tossed the wand backward, sighing and returning to the house.

As Selena was enjoying her novel, she suddenly heard a clang at the foot of her chair. Looking down she noticed a rock jumping at it. On it’s own!

For a second she stared at the thing before reality sunk in.

“Ayyye!!” She shrieked, dropping the novel and running in the house. “Peter you’re stupid wand works!

Terrible Tennis – Stella and James

Stella pranced onto the clay tennis court, dribbling the tennis ball in place on one side of the court.

James begrudgingly stepped to the other side of the court. He was forced to help his sister practice.

“Ready for this?” Stella shouted.

“Ready as I’ll ever be.” James said half heartedly.

Stella served the ball forcefully. James ran after it but missed by a long shot.

“You’re supposed to hit the ball!” Stella said.

“Then hit it to me!” James retorted.

Stella served another ball, this one towards James. He swung after it but it bounced and hit him in the face, knocking his glasses off.

“That makes the score 30-love.” Said Stella.

“But you only scored twice? And what do you mean by ‘love?'” James questioned in confusion. He got to his knees in attempt to locate his glasses.

“Tennis scoring goes 15, 30, 40. And love means you have zero points.”

And out of seemingly nowhere, Peter ran by saying, “Guess that means James really does get a lot of love when it comes to girls!”

Stella cracked up and James, after returning his large white glasses to his face, began to walk away.

“Where’re you going? You still need to help me practice!” Stella shouted after him.

“To get a girlfriend.” James said simply.

Peter and Stella were beside themselves with laughter, falling to the clay court.

Grape Juice – Michelle and Mike

Mike is sitting down at the computer desk in the living room, pencil in hand and homework before his eyes.

He’s trying his hardest on this test, because it’s due tomorrow and if he doesn’t pass, he knows for sure he will hear from his dad.

Truthfully, he has been slacking on school for quite awhile now, and once his parents found out, it got ugly. Very ugly. So this test is top most priority for him.

“Hey Mike,” Michelle greeted, walking by his side and taking a sip of her bottle of grape juice. “What’re you up to?” She asked.

“Go away, Michelle. I’m busy right now, we can play later.” He replied, never removing his eyes from the paper before him.

She sat her juice bottle down and leaned over the desk to get a better view of his work. “What are you busy doing?”

These pointless questions were starting to annoy Mike. “My homework, now go away so I can finish.”

“What does this mean?” She asked him curiously, lifting her hand to point at a specific sentence. But as she lifted her hand she accidentally knocked her juice bottle over.

The contents began pouring out…all over Mike’s nearly completed homework…

“You clumsy idiot! I spent all day working on this test!” He quickly picked up his work, and hopped out of the chair because it was spilling on his pants too.

“I’m sorry, Mike!” she frantically apologized. She sat the bottle up and took his homework, “Don’t hurt me, I’ll fix it, okay?”

She took a dish rag and started wiping over the papers, but this only proved to make it worse because it was smearing all his writing and tearing the paper.

“You’re making it worse!” He took it from her and growled, “Great, now it’s ruined!”

“I’m sorry!”

“You’re gonna be, short stuff!”

Michelle gulped loudly as Mike looked and sounded absolutely livid about his ruined homework.

She tried to run but, as usual, she didn’t make it far. Maybe about five feet tops.

Mike is older than her, faster, stronger and taller. She knew her escape wasn’t possible, but she tried anyways. Give her some props.

She hated being the younger sibling, it’s almost never fun. The only thing worse than being a younger sibling is having an older sibling. And maybe broccoli.

Mike has her by the arm. She’s still trying to escape but it’s not working. He’s dragging her across the room, and out the back door onto the wooden deck.

“What are you going to do to me?” She squeaked in worry.

“Your favorite.”

“No, not that!”

Mike pushed her to the ground. She scrambled to get away but he grabbed her by her yellow shorts and pulled her back.

Michelle pouted. While she does love her brother, he can be a real jerk sometimes. Namely when she accidentally does something wrong, which is quite often.

He laid her flat on the ground, face up, and held her arms down with his hands.

He had her pinned down, she was unable to escape the impending doom. His face was above hers. He’s getting ready to dangle a loogie over her, she knows it. She only hopes that it doesn’t fall this time.

She continued to whine and attempt escape. “Mike I’m really sorry, I didn’t mean to, please don’t do this!” She shouted as a last resort.

“Yeah, well thanks to your juice, mom and dad are going to kill me because of a big fat F that’s going to be on my report card!” Mike retorted, “And after this you’re going to do my test over for me!”

“Mike!” She cried as he began hacking up the loogie in her face.

He kept her there for quite some time, leaving her with the never ending fear of that gross slimy saliva falling.

He did eventually let her up, but only because his test did indeed need to be finished, and she was to finish it for him.

“You’re the worst, Mike. I hate being the younger sibling.” Michelle complained as she sat down before a blank piece of paper and several school books that were above her education level.

“Well that’s your own problem, now fix mine.”

She huffed and took the pencil and began writing. Mike left the room, not wanting to waste his time watching her do his test over again.

She didn’t know what any of this meant. It all looked like hooey to her, so she began scribbling on the page. She actually just thought of something brilliant. Mike isn’t here…he probably won’t even look at the work she did… Michelle smiled. She could use this as revenge for her completely unneeded punishment.

Once she was finished with his homework, she stuffed it in his backpack and prayed that he wouldn’t look at it.

“It’s finished.” Michelle said as she walked into the kitchen, where Mike is making a turkey sandwich.

“It better be good, and better than my average unless we want to have a repeat of this morning’s activity.” he threatened.

“It’s definitely better than a D.” She joked.

“Don’t try to be funny with me, I’m still mad.”

“Come on, Mike. It was an accident.”

Mike finished making his sandwich, and left the kitchen without another word. As if being tortured isn’t enough when he’s upset with her, she also gets extremely bored without someone to talk to or play with.

“I wish mom were home…” She said, resting her head on her arms on the table boredly.

The next afternoon, at school, Mr. Clay requested all the homework that is due that morning. He began reading them off one by one, but once he got to Mike’s he stopped momentarily.

“Michael Retro!” He called out firmly.

Mike’s attention darted from his twiddling thumbs to Mr. Clay an in instant. “Yes sir?”

“You were told to answer a test on History, not ‘25 reasons why Clarissa Clarity is the cutest girl ever.’

Clarissa blushed slightly and glanced at Mike, while Mike blushed profusely and sank in his desk. The students reaction is an even mixture of “Awws” and laughter.

“Michelle!” He mumbled quietly.

Mr. Clay continued reading on. “Or how about the sequel: 50 reasons why Bill and Anna are the biggest dummies ever.

What?!” Mike almost shouted.

Bill Loney and Anna Fender were the two biggest, baddest people in his class. He can’t believe Michelle even went that far!

Mike’s expression froze as he suddenly heard knuckles cracking and teeth grinding from behind him.

“I’m sure you’d like to explain all this…while in detention.” Mr. Clay said, glaring at Mike. “And while we’re at it, you get an F.”

Several guys threw paper balls at Mike as he stood up and exited the classroom, while several girls whispered and passed notes to Clarissa about Mike and giggled.

Later, during recess hour, both Anna and Bill are scouting the area for Mike, but he’s still in detention (but they don’t know that because they’re dumb, like Michelle wrote on his paper.) Unable to locate him, they then decide to find someone who may know of his whereabouts.

“Hey pipsqueak,” Anna called out, referring to Michelle. “Where’s your brother at, we have something we need to tell him.”

Michelle, who’s currently facing away from them sitting on the metal dome climber, dropped backward, hanging upside down on the bars by her legs. “Hm?” she asked, her ponytail dropping behind her head.

“Your brother. Where’s he at?” Bill asked intimidatingly.

“I don’t know. Judging by his homework he turned in, he’s probably in detention.” She answered with a sly smirk.

“That’s what we want to talk to him about.” Bill replied.

“Wait,” Anna said, eyebrow raised in suspicion. “How do you know about his homework?”

Michelle giggled. “Well, I accidentally ruined his original homework, and after that he kept being a jerk to me, then made me do his homework all over again.

So to get back at him, I filled his homework with stuff about Clarissa and these two doofuses that he’s always complaining about.” She explained in between laughter, “It was great, I wish I could have been there to see his reaction.”

“One of the names didn’t happen to be Anna, was it?” Anna questioned.

“Or Bill?” Bill added.

“Yeah! Those were the names!”

Anna and Bill shared angered glances before glaring at Michelle.

Michelle raised an eyebrow at their devious looks before she realized that they were the two, big, fat, ugly doofuses that she wrote about.

They both lunged at her, but ended up running into each other as Michelle dropped inside of the dome climber. Luckily, they both were kind of chubby and slow, unlike Mike, so it took them some time to hop in there with her.

“Come back here you little stink!” Bill shouted angrily, humorously trying to fit through the bars.

“Now we’re gonna beat you, and your lousy brother!”

“That’s why I’m running!” Michelle said.

They chased her all around the playground. Over the swings (which Bill tripped over,) around the merry-go-round, and across the seesaws… All the while, many a kid watched, but not one bothered to do something about it.

“Why should I risk getting pummeled too?” All the other kids thought as they watched.

Michelle climbed up the wooden play fortress and continued to run. She glanced back and saw that only Bill was giving chase, apparently Anna was already tired out. It wouldn’t surprise her.

Michelle crawled through a small blue plastic tube and made a final sprint for the slides. She quickly hopped on the slide and pushed herself down. Bill was far behind her, trying to squeeze through the tube.

Once she made it to the bottom, all she would have to do is run inside the school and find a teacher. Except, once she did make it to the bottom, she was met with Anna. She had been waiting at the bottom of the slide for her.

“Uh oh!” Michelle exclaimed. She quickly turned around and started to climb up the slide, but Anna grabbed her legs and pulled her back.

“Finally got you, you little twit!” Anna said in between huffs and panting from running so much.

“It was Mike’s fault!” Michelle helplessly blamed.

“For what you wrote about us?” Anna questioned, not at all convinced.

“Well, I only wrote what he always says about you, and now I know it’s all true!” Michelle shouted while kicking her legs as she was forced out of the slide.

“Anna! I’m stuck!” Bill shouted from on top of the play fortress.

“Hold on, I have to deal with her!” Anna shouted back. “Well, now I know you’re just as fun to bully,” she chuckled evilly. “You put up more of a fight than your brother.”

Michelle fought and squirmed around in her grip. “Let go of me!” she shouted.

She has to wonder why in the world she’s always getting picked on (even though this time it is kinda her fault.) Really though, Mike does it all the time, sometimes with the help of their cousin Chad, and now these two bums are doing it.

“The more you squirm, the more it’ll hurt. Which is perfectly fine by me!” Anna said.

Anna held Michelle’s wrists very tightly, it almost felt like the tightest point of a blood pressure strap, only it hurt a lot more and she isn’t checking her blood pressure.

“I don’t like it when people say, do, write, or even think about anything bad about me or Bill!” Anna shouted in her face.

“It wasn’t even that bad!”

“We read it, and we didn’t like it! Now shut up before I shut you up myself!” Anna scolded, small bits of spit escaping out of her putrid food muncher.

Michelle obeyed. She didn’t want to be pummeled to a pulp. Harder than she’s going to get, anyways.

Michelle clenched her eyes shut as Anna pulled her fist back. It was only a matter of seconds now.

Its should be happening…it should…

It… It hasn’t happened yet.

Why…why hasn’t it?

Michelle peeked open an eye, and found that there was a lack of Anna before her. Actually, in the distance, there was an Anna being dragged away by an adult. A teacher perhaps? Michelle didn’t know, but she’s just glad that her bully has been stopped.

She let out a sigh of relief. Although her bully has been dealt with, she still has to deal with her brother later when they get home. Hopefully mom or dad will be home before them, though that’s not usually the case. Grandma is usually there, though.


Speak of the brother.

She turned to face Mike. “I know, I know. My favorite.” She said dully, as she began to lay down on the ground.

Mike chuckled and shook his head. “No. I’m not going to do that.”

Michelle lightly gasped and sat up. “You’re not?” She asked incredulously. “But I messed up your homework. And…and I made you get an F.”

“You little twit, you did didn’t you?” Mike said, doing a half motion toward her but then backing off while laughing. “I’m just joking.” He chuckled and helped his sister up.

“But you always do it to me. Even when you’re not mad.”

Mike stared at her boredly. “I’m trying to be nice here, do you want me to do it?”

Michelle shook her head. “No!” She said, “I’m just surprised.”

“Well, I do it to you a lot. You’re my little sister, it’s what you’re here for. But at the same time you are my little sister, so I can’t always do it to you. Besides, I think what you almost had coming is more than enough for the day.” Mike explained.

“Did you get the teacher to take Anna away?” Michelle asked.

Mike nodded.

Michelle hugged him and began to lightly tear up. “I’m sorry about your homework, Mike.”

“It’s okay. I’m sorry about overreacting about the situation in the first place. You didn’t mean to spill the juice on my homework. At least, you better not have.” He eyed Michelle suspiciously.

“Of course not, I would never do it on purpose.” she confirmed.

Behind Mike, some giggling could be heard. Michelle curiously looked passed him, while Mike himself groaned.

“Will you girls leave me alone? I don’t like Clarissa like that!” He shouted in irritation.

“Yes you do!” All the girls giggled at the same time.

Michelle tried to fight back her own giggles. “Sorry about your new fan club.”

“No, it’s fine. Because I would take these girls over Anna and Bill any day.” He said. “Here’s a few tips: Never look them in the eye, never say, do, write or even think anything bad about them, and most of all…always give them your lunch money, unless you want them to hang you on the flag pole.”

“What if I don’t bring lunch money?”

“Always bring lunch money. The one time a kid didn’t bring lunch money, he was never heard from again.”

Michelle sighed. “You don’t think they’ll really continue to bully me do you?”

Mike placed his hand on her shoulder. “Welcome to the Bill-Anna Battlefield.”

Later, that evening on the school grounds…

“Anna?” Bill called out. He’s still stuck in the small blue tube. “Anna?!” He shouted out loudly. He’s been calling out for her or at least somebody for hours now.


-The End-

This is a short story that I wrote about a year ago.

The story takes place in the same universe as The McWilliams Family.

Hope you enjoyed the reading!