Stuck in Elevation – Derek and the Dorks

Derek is fast walking his way towards the mall, his backpack latched onto his back. His mother told him that he needed to drop by the mall to pick Stella’s tennis uniform she had ordered. And that he needed to go immediately after school.

But he wasn’t fast walking cause he needed to hurry. He was fast walking because of who was trailing him.

Nigel and Maurice, aka the school dorks.

“Derek,” heave, “you sure are fast!” said Maurice as he tried to keep up.

“We can’t show you our new playing cards from the Arc Wizards vs The Goblin Empire expansion pack if you keep up that pace!” Said Nigel.

Maurice nodded vigorously. “They even added a new a new type; Light!

“As tempting as that sounds,” Derek began, his tone of voice as least caring as it could ever be, “I’m gonna have to miss out. I need to pick up my sister’s outfit, and—”

“We’ll wait outside, then!” Both dorks said in unison with equal enthusiasm.

Derek cringed. “No, don’t do that.” he said.

“We’ll go in with you, then!”

Before Derek could express is utter distaste for their statement, they followed him into the overcrowded mall.

There were hundreds of people and dozens of stores. Derek tried to make a run in attempt to lose the dorks, but they kept right on his tail, telling him all about their new expansion pack.

In and out of stores, under and around crowds of people, and he even tried to hide in the bathroom.

Finally he ran as fast as he could into an elevator that leads him to the clothes store he needed to pick up Stella’s outfit from.

The dorks were nowhere to be found. Derek quickly selected to go up one floor and the doors closed.

With a sigh of relief, Derek leaned against the wall and patiently waited for his stop.

“Why are you picking up Stella’s outfit anyway?” Asked Nigel.

Derek exclaimed and turned around. Both Nigel and Maurice are now in the elevator with him.

“But—you—how did you—what?!” Derek rambled.

“He’s acting awful suspicious.” said Maurice. “You sure you’re not just trying to avoid us?”

Then the elevator stopped and the lights went out. The doors never opened.

“You’ve got to be kidding me!!” Derek shouted out in frustration.

The dorks proceeded to enthuse Derek about their dorky fantasy card game, oblivious to his anger.

Fountain – Poem for Taking Action

The gentle splish and splosh of the local cemetery fountain is enough to sooth any troubled soul.

Be they who come by to pay respects to those gone before them, or even those like me who finds tranquility and ease from the simple sound of a fountain in a manmade pond.

The serene atmosphere is ideal for those with a pen in hand—or as of today’s age—an app for writing.

Even still, the sounds of traffic on the nearby street may ruin the beautiful, calming effect for most people. Tires rolling against the asphalt, engines revving…

For me?

I enjoy that as well. It’s a constant reminder to me that time is always racing by, like those scrambling to and from work, school, or what be it in their motor vehicles.

It gives me a sense of urgency. Most people wouldn’t like that, but it motivates me to act in the now. For example, have to write now, as I may not get the chance to write ever again.

Tomorrow isn’t guaranteed for everybody. Our days are numbered.

So I have to accomplish my goals before my time is up.

Odd to gather that kind of mindset over silly nearby traffic, isn’t it?

On the same faucet, the fountains remind me that I don’t have to rush, I can go about it in my own pace.

Allow my words to flow onto the page in sync with the ripples of water that dance across the sun speckled pond.

If I sit down and write a six thousand word story in a matter of minutes, chances are it wasn’t very well written.

Great things take time. As long as I’m getting it accomplished at a reasonable pace, I’m fulfilling my goal.

At least that’s what my peculiar mind conjures up from a simple cemetery fountain and the nearby street.

The Tree – Derek, Peter and James

“That’s a really big tree.” Said James as he inspected its trunk.

Yew could say that again.” Said Peter, to which James gave him the ‘really?’ look.

Wood you stop it with the puns?” Derek said.

“C’mon wood is the best you’ve got? You really need to branch out.” Said Peter.

“I’m just going out on a limb here, but I think you two are the root of all our problems.” Said James, folding his arms.

“You got me, I’m stumped now.” Said Derek.

“You’re such a pine in the butt, James.” Said Peter.

“That was acorn-y pun.” Said Derek.

“That’s fir sure.” James agreed.

Peter laughed. “How does a tree get online?”

Neither James nor Derek said anything.

“They log on!” Peter said with excitement.

“Eh, that was oak-kay.” Derek shrugged.

James merely did a face palm.

Who? – Happy Mother’s Day

– To My Irreplaceable Mother –

Who was the one who cared for me when I was young and helpless? Fed me and kept me healthy, and laid me down in the crib to sleep at night?

Who comforted me when I was scared, and held me close in their warm, protective arms when I was lonely?

Who taught me to walk and talk even when knowing that one day I could use these skills to get into all sorts of mischief and trouble?

Who taught me right from wrong so that I could have the understanding of not getting myself into unneeded trouble?

To take it a step further, who corrected me with a swift spank to the rear when I did get myself into trouble? I may have cried and screamed then, but now, in the present, I couldn’t thank you enough for the correction that kept me on the right track.

Some may call it unholy, abuse, or other negatives. I call it an undying love from someone who doesn’t want me to make the wrong choices in life.

Who taught me the importance of sharing and being there for others when they needed someone to be their friend?

Who puts up with my dorky quirkiness every hour of every day and still smiles despite not caring at all about that new Star Wars fact I’ve learned?

Who constantly tries to get me a girlfriend in attempt to tarnish my dorky quirkiness even though I’ll refuse to date them unless they share the very same dorky quirkiness that makes me who I am?

Who introduced me to the world of computers and gave me a passion to learn to work with them?

Who used to sit next to me when I was little and read the words on the screen when ever I played Paper Mario for several hours?

Who walked with me every step of the way and helped me up when I was down?

Who taught me to have a strong mind but a stronger sense of compassion for others? After all, there’s not many people out there who’d rather lift others up over lifting themselves. And I’m glad I’m one of those few, thanks to you.

Who made me conquer all of my fears even though I protested non-stop?

Who still makes me try to conquer my fear of bees even thought I’m always going to bee afraid of them?

Who listens to every single pun I have to day, even though they’re all cringe worthy at best?

Who encourages me to do what I love and tells me to never give up?

And most importantly…

Who allowed me the chance to accomplish all I’ve done and didn’t say no to me before I was even born?

It was you, Mom.

Thank you for everything you have done, will do, and are doing.

I love you so much and I thank you for never giving up on me, from conception to the day we will be separated.

It takes a strong mind and will to never give up on somebody like me.

I owe you my love, life and respect because through the hand of God, you gave me love, life and respect.

I love you SOOOOO much and I pray that I didn’t cause you too many gray hairs for being the troublesome man I am.

With love, thank you, Mom!

Thank you to every mom in the world for being the loving and caring figure of our families and teaching us how to be respectable, mature adults in a world where that’s frowned upon.

But most especially thank you to my Mom for being the loving caring figure in my family!

Happy Mother’s Day!

The Last Straw – Derek, Peter and James

“Woah!!” A nicely dressed man shouted as he slipped on a water puddle and landed on the tiled floor.

Derek and Peter exploded into a fit of laughter.

“Ten out of ten, Pete.” Said Derek, patting his bro on the back.

Peter rested his hands behind his head. “All it takes is a hand to move the Warning: Wet Floor sign!” he said.

James had a sip of his root beer, unamused by his older brothers boisterous behavior.

Derek and Peter (who have scribbled over the ‘root’ on their root beer,) also had a drink.

“Aren’t you going to bend your straw?” Derek asked James.

James shook his head. “Nah, it’s fine.”

Peter did a spit take. “NAH?!” he exclaimed incredulously, “Whaddaya mean nah?! It’s a bendy straw, you can’t just—”

James took another sip of his soda, further ignoring his brothers spastic cry to bend the straw.

“NOO!” Peter shouted, “You need to fulfill it’s purpose in life!”

Today’s Question: To bend or not to bend? Do you prefer bendy straws, normal straws, or no straws at all?

Written by CodeJacey

Special thanks to my second-to-youngest sister for the story prompt!


Bicycle – Peter and Stella

“Hey Peter, wanna go on a bike ride?” Stella asked.

Peter, who is sitting on the couch watching TV and drinking an orange soda said, “I can’t right now.”

“Of course you can. All you’re doing is watching TV.” Stella said.

“You don’t understand. I really can’t right now.” Peter said.

“How come?”

“Because my bike is two tired.” Peter laughed out loud.

Today’s Question: Do you have a friend who’s always blurting out lame puns?

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Do You Like Pie? – Derek, Peter, and James

Sheila, mother of the McWilliams family, walks into the living room, phone between her left ear and shoulder.

“Boys, what’s your favorite kind of pie?” She asks.

“Pizza pie.” Derek answered, eating a potato chip.

“3.14159265359.” James answered, looking up from his robot blueprints.

“Every pie except James’s pie.” Peter answered, chugging down an orange soda and switching TV channels.

Haley shook her head and said, “Dear, just buy them cherry pie.” as she walked out of the room.

Today’s Question: What’s your favorite kind of pie, or are you more of a cake person?

If you enjoyed my flash fiction, please let me know in the comments. I love to hear what you have to say, even if it’s constructive criticism. Please Share my story with others!

While you’re at it, why not check out my other flash fictions? There’s many more that feature the McWilliams family, and so much more!

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