The Last Straw – Derek, Peter and James

“Woah!!” A nicely dressed man shouted as he slipped on a water puddle and landed on the tiled floor.

Derek and Peter exploded into a fit of laughter.

“Ten out of ten, Pete.” Said Derek, patting his bro on the back.

Peter rested his hands behind his head. “All it takes is a hand to move the Warning: Wet Floor sign!” he said.

James had a sip of his root beer, unamused by his older brothers boisterous behavior.

Derek and Peter (who have scribbled over the ‘root’ on their root beer,) also had a drink.

“Aren’t you going to bend your straw?” Derek asked James.

James shook his head. “Nah, it’s fine.”

Peter did a spit take. “NAH?!” he exclaimed incredulously, “Whaddaya mean nah?! It’s a bendy straw, you can’t just—”

James took another sip of his soda, further ignoring his brothers spastic cry to bend the straw.

“NOO!” Peter shouted, “You need to fulfill it’s purpose in life!”

Today’s Question: To bend or not to bend? Do you prefer bendy straws, normal straws, or no straws at all?

Written by CodeJacey

Special thanks to my second-to-youngest sister for the story prompt!



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