Poison Ivy – Peter and Selena

“You should take a whiff of these cool leaves.” Said Peter to Selena. They are on a walk through the woods.

“What kind of leaves do you have there? Asked Selena, glancing toward her older brother through her spectacles.

“These pointy shiny ones.” replied Peter, showing one to Selena.

Selena cringed but also held back a laugh. “Peter…that’s poison ivy.”

Peter didn’t believe her. “Nice try, Selena. I’m older than you, and you think I wouldn’t know what poison ivy looks like?”

The next day Peter’s face was covered in glossy red bumps and rashes and his skin was bright red. On his hands he wears oven mitts to prevent further scratching.

“C’mon Selena, why didn’t you tell me it was poison ivy?” Peter complained as he fought the painful urge to scratch.

“Some people just have to learn the hard way.” Selena rolled her eyes.



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