A Real PUNishment – Derek, Peter and James compete to see who’s the punniest!

“It’s really hot in here.” Said James, using a paper plate as a fan.
“It’s just me.” Said Peter with a smug look on his face.

Derek blew a raspberry from across the table. “You’re about as hot as Antarctica.” He laughed.

“Woah woah woah, just cool it. Snow need to be so harsh.” Peter said.

Water you thinking throwing puns out like that?” Derek said.

“If you ever want to be as good as me, you have a lot to ketchup on.” Peter said.

“I’m bread-y for anything you throw at me.” Derek said.

“You’re toast then.” Peter said.

“You’re skills butter be greater than your mouth.” Derek said.

“Maybe a nice fruit punch will prove my point.” Peter said.

“It wood-‘nt hurt berry much!” Derek said.

“You’re such a pine in the butt.” Peter said.

“I have something fir yew.” Derek said.

“Is it acorn-y joke?” Peter said.

“It mite bee.” Derek said.

“Just tell me what it is. You’re so slug-ish.” Peter said.

Finally James jumped in and said, “He’s not good at thinking of things on the fly.

“Speaking of, yours is currently down.” Derek said, breaking the chain of puns.

“What?!” Shouted James, embarrassed.

Peter laughed. “That was a punny joke.”

“Oh brothers.” James rolled his eyes.


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