Fetch! – Day of Dog

“Okay everybody, line up!” I called out for the dogs.

Buster, Cookie and Jack all lined up in front of me. However, Buddy wouldn’t come within ten feet of me as usual. He simply barked his head off. Annie, a white Cockapoo and partner of Buster, sat beside me.

Jack is the only offspring of Buster and Annie who didn’t find a new home.

“We’re going to play fetch today!” I held up a green tennis ball. Cookie became excited and couldn’t keep her rear on the ground, tail wagging fifty miles per hour.

Oh boy! Fetch! I love fetch! Cookie expressed.

“Cookie will show all of you how this works…” I tossed the ball across the yard, and Cookie shot after it.

She took the ball into her mouth and began her run back to me, snorting like a pig the entire way. Once returned, she dropped the ball at my foot.

“Simple, isn’t it?” I said, picking up the slightly slobbery ball. “You’re up next, Buster.” I threw the ball as far as I could.

Buster watched the ball fly over his head, but didn’t bother chasing it down.

Oh boy, I love fetch! Cookie chased after it again.

“Okay then…” I took the ball again. “Go get it, Jack!” I tossed the ball once more.

Jack, unlike Buster who enjoys an ear scratch more than fetch, chased after the ball with all of his speed. I clapped as he brought me the ball, but as I reached for it he ran off. Apparently he thinks this is a game of chase.

I grabbed a new ball from the five gallon bucket I have with me. “Fetch, Buddy!” I threw it. To my utter shock, Buddy chased it. He barked at it five times before nudging it with his nose. He grabbed the ball and walked opposite of me, never returning with it.

“I don’t know what I expected.”

Grabbing another new ball, I tossed it out, saying, “Go fetch, Annie!”

Annie, only slightly slower than Jack, chased after the ball. However, she merely circled around the ball and returned without it.

“You’re supposed to get the ball and bring it back…”

Cookie chased after it and brought it back.

After an hour, Cookie was the only one who ever played properly. It took twenty minutes to get the ball back from buddy, and Jack destroyed the one he had, so I threw it away. But even after all of this time, Cookie still wants to play fetch.

I chuckled. “One more time, Cookie.” I said. Instead of throwing it, I faked the throw and laughed, dropping the ball in the bucket. If she can’t find the ball she can’t return it, which means I can take a much desired break.

I doubled over when I realized she STILL somehow returned with a ball even though they were all in the bucket.



If you enjoyed my flash fiction, please let me know in the comments. I love to hear what you have to say, even if it’s constructive criticism.

While you’re at it, why not check out my other flash fictions? There’s many more that features the dogs of Day of Dog, and so much more!

Thanks for Reading!


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