Cookie – Day of Dog

“Bud, you’re crazy. You like her?” Questioned Buster after itching his ear.

Buddy panted. “Yeah, yeah I do. Just look at her, Buster!” His tail began to wag.

In the distance sits a Cocker spaniel. While her coat is the same as Jack, white with black spots, the two are not related.

She sits on the porch, tennis ball beside her as she waits for her master to throw it. She’s rather chubby, and she snorts like a pig. But still cute…at least to the eyes of Buddy.

“I’ve known Cookie longer than I’ve known you. I’m sorry, but she just won’t be interested in a Poodle like yourself.”

“Why do you say that?” Questioned Buddy.

“Well…” Buster glanced to his right, where their master stands. He enjoyed nothing more than that scratch on his ear.

Buddy on the other hand…

Bark! Bark bark woof! “Stay away from me human, stay away! Get back with your filthy self!” Buddy yelped and cried.

“What a fool.” Said Jack.


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