Selena’s Tooth Escapade

“Put the tooth under your pillow, and by tomorrow morning the tooth fairy will replace your tooth with money!” Said Gus McWilliams, the father of the McWilliams children.

“Really?” Asked Selena, a sparkle in her eye.

Gus nodded.

The next morning, Selena tossed her pillow and was ecstatic to see her little white baby tooth has been replaced with a five dollar bill.

She barreled down the stairs, a pure ball of energy, and ran to the kitchen.

“Look daddy, you were right. The tooth fairy gave me five dollars!” She said.

Gus almost looked surprised. “Five dollars? The tooth fairy must be heavy on dough lately…”

“Dad,” called Derek as he walked in the kitchen, “I put the tooth away like you said, but you didn’t have a one, so I used a five dollar bill.”

“What?” Asked Selena, looking at her father.

Gus face palmed and shook his head. “Horrible timing, son.”


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