Prohibited Study

Rock music is blasting through the speakers of Derek’s stereo. Derek and Peter are rocking out, pretending to rift electric guitars and rocking their heads as if they had long rock star hair.

Oh YEAAAAAH!!” The boys sang along with the song.

“Do you guys mind, I’m trying to study.” Said James, sitting Indian style with his books on his lap.

His older brothers continued to rock.

“DO YOU GUYS MIND, I’M TRYING TO STUDY?!” James attempted to shout over the ear splitting music.

“I CAN’T HEAR YOU THE MUSIC IS TOO LOUD!” Derek shouted back.

“WHAT?!” Peter questioned loudly.

“I’M TALKING TO JAMES!” Derek shouted.

James took his school books and walked out of the room.

How can they listen to that stuff. My ears are still ringing…” James thought to himself.

He sat on the couch beside Stella and began to read school books again.

“Ooh, James, look! This is my favorite part!” Stella excitedly said, pointing at the TV screen and shaking her brother’s shoulder.

“I’m trying to study right now.”

Stella began laughing out loud, falling back on the couch. “I love this show.”

James left. This time he tried the kitchen.

In the kitchen, Selena is hopping as she’s trying to reach for the animal crackers in the top cabinet.

“I can’t wait until I hit my growth spurt.” She complained, folding her arms and looking up at the crackers. “James can you get those for me, please?”

“I guess so.” James grabbed the bag of crackers and gave them to Selena. “Now can you please be quiet so I can study?”

“Sure! I won’t say a word.”

Selena sat across from James, reading a mystery novel that girls her age would normally fond difficulty understanding.



James gave Selena a look as she absent mindedly ate her crackers and read.

“I’ll be outside.” Said James, grabbing his stuff once more and walking out the front door.

He found himself a nice soft patch of grass under a large oak tree. It was cloudy out, a chance of rain definitely present, but the tree would provide shelter.

“Finally…nobody is out here to bother me.” James began reading again. Now that there’s no distractions, he’s really beginning to understand it all.

His mind is entering focus mode. It’s all so simple and easy, he had to laugh over the fact he didn’t know about it.



A berry like bomb suddenly bursted on his school book, right in the bend of the pages. He set his jaw and slowly looked upward, seeing a robin who was likely the suspect of the white and purple goop.

“I give up.” James said, closing the book and leaving it where he was sitting.


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