“Did you really fend off ten men who were armed with weapons using only your bare hands?” Swooned a beautiful brunette girl.

Peter placed his hands behind his head and rocked his chair back. “That’s right. They’ll never mess with anyone anymore.” He said coolly.

Derek snorted. He, Peter, Derek’s best redhead friend Alexis, and Chantelle (Peter’s girlfriend of the day,) are hanging out at the local smoothie joint.

While Derek and Alexis going together is “strictly professional,” Peter and Chantelle are everything except professional.

And Peter is also lying through his own teeth. And Chantelle believes every word he’s saying.

Peter and Chantelle both took a long sip of the smoothie their sharing, and as they did they stared into each other’s eyes.

“I’ll give him an hour before their no longer together.” Derek whispered to Alexis.

Alexis giggled. “I’ll give him five minutes.” She whispered back.

“You’re one of the sweetest boys I’ve ever met.” Said Chantelle, all googly eyed.

Peter grinned. “That’s why they call me ‘Candy.'”

“…who is ‘they?'” Chantelle asked.

Alexis and Derek exchanged a knowing glance.

“My girlfriends.” Said Peter like it was the most obvious thing since cornbread. “Missy, Natalie, Avery, Eliza…”

Girlfriends?” Questioned Chantelle. “You mean like past girlfriends, right?

“No. I actually have a date with Eliza at eight o’clock.” Said Peter.

“Why you conniving, selfish, sleazy, piece of trash!” Chantelle fumed violently. “I never want to see your pathetic face again!” She dumped the remainder of their smoothie of Peter’s head, but it was empty, so she took Derek’s and dumped it on him.

“Why my smoothie?” Said Derek.

Peter blinked. “At least I didn’t end up in the hospital this time.”

Alexis grinned and held out her hand. Derek slapped her five dollars.

“I bet he and Eliza will be over in ten minutes.” Said Derek.

“Definitely twenty. Eliza is softer and slower.” Alexis bet.


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