Angel Squad 3

“So if you guys are angels, does that mean you know what Heaven looks like?” Asked Nora.

“We do.” I answered.

“What’re you waiting for, then? Tell me!” Nora said, getting excited.

“It’s bright and beautiful.” Answered Tony without much personality.

“That’s a pretty vague answer.” Nora deadpanned. She was obviously expecting a full detail answer, which we’re not allowed to give.

“Sorry, as angels, we’re not allowed to explain what Heaven looks like.” I said.

“Can you tell me if God is actually real, and if so, what does he look like?” She continued to ask us questions.

“God is indeed real. And He looks almighty and powerful.” I answered.

“Lemme guess, you’re not allowed to explain him in detail either?”

“You got it, now stop with the questions. We’re trying to concentrate.” Said Tony, irritated of the questions.

Nora rolled her eyes. “You’re just playing ping pong.” She said.

“And I’m losing because I can’t concentrate!” Tony shouted.


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