Trio Bro Havoc P. 2

“Idea!” Peter announced. “We can blame it on Selena.”

Selena is the youngest McWilliams child.

“She is young…it could work.” Derek and Peter shared a fist bump.

James rolled his eyes and Stella folded her arms.

“You know Selena is with mom this very moment, right?” Stella questioned.

Derek and Peter’s expressions deflated.

“We’re dead meat.” Peter stated.

“You and I would be fine, but poor fragile James here can’t survive such harsh punishment!” Derek dramatically said.

“I can survive just fine, thank you. I may be a dorky know-it-all tinkerer, but that doesn’t mean I’m weak.”

Everyone, including Stella, bursted into intense laughter. But their laughter was cut short after they heard mom walking downstairs!

And lo and behold, there she is! Selena is walking beside her, her glasses donning face glued to a book she’s reading. She shares the need for glasses like her brother, James.

“What on earth did you do now?!” Their mom exclaimed.

Selena looked up from her book and gasped.

“He did it!” Every McWilliams boy said, each pointing at another brother.

“They did it.” Stella said, walking away from the scene.

“You broke my mother’s vase…” Their mom said, tearing up.

“Not the crying.” Said Derek.

“We’ll make it up to you, mom!” Peter said.

Mom closed her eyes, shook her head and placed her hands on her hips. “I know you will. You’ll all be doing the house chores for a week now. And along with that, Derek, no TV. Peter, no talking to girls. James, no tinkering.”

“But mom—” James began to protest.

“No buts. That was my late mother’s vase, and…” Their mom couldn’t finish her sentence, began crying and left the room.

“Nice going.” Said Stella.

“Why did you break her vase?” Asked Selena.

All the boys groaned in annoyance and began blaming each other.

But the question remains…how did they break her vase?…


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