“You’re going to fry your circuits.” Said James.

“That’s only a theory. I need to be realistic and practical here.” Said a small blue robot.

“It’s been proven realistically that circuits and water do not mix.”

“I can’t help if I was designed to be pragmatic.” Said the robot, stepping into a kiddie pool.

Not half a second in contact with water, the robot sparked, zapped, and his head combusted. He fell backward out of the pool, limp.

“That’s not pragmatic, that’s just stubbornness.” Said James with an eye roll.

Selena wrote in her notepad. “At least you only have to replace his head this time.”

“But how many prototypes are we going to go through?” James asked, mainly to himself. He pulled the short circuited robot into the garage.

“With every failure, you’re one step closer to success!” Selena stated, following him.


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