Trio Bro Havoc

“You broke mom’s special vase!” Fretted Derek, the oldest sibling and brother of the McWilliams family.

“No way, James did it!” Accused Peter, the second oldest sibling and brother.

“I was sitting on the couch, minding my own business. How could I have broken it?” Challenged James, positioning his big white glasses. He’s the middle child, and youngest boy.

“Regardless of who did it, we have mom’s vase on the floor in thirty different pieces!” Derek began to nudge the pieces together with his foot.

As they were all beside themselves with worry, their little sister, Stella, waltzed into the room. “You guys broke mom’s vase?”

Peter snapped his fingers. “We’ll blame Stella!”

“Excuse me?” She questioned.

“That’ll never work…” Derek said.

“Why don’t we tell mom the truth?” James said, seeing no point in lying.

This earned him a smack to the back of his head from both of his older brothers.

Stay tuned for the next part! ‘Til then, happy reading!


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