Angel Sqaud 2

So Tony is running amuck, shouting and screaming over the flames.

I try to help him out, but I’m an angel,  I don’t know how to work a fire extinguisher! I took the hose, and then dropped the body to the floor.

That was a mistake, because now the thing is broken! I was able to extinguish Tony’s flames, but I also sprayed Nora in the process.

“Nora!” Tony shouted.

Nora sputtered after getting blasted with sodium bicarbonate. “Sorry! I just sneezed, then poof, flames everywhere!”

Tony didn’t appear impressed. He glanced at me and said, “What did we possibly do to deserve this?”

“It’s what we’re for. At least we’re not the guardian angels who protect people from car crashes. I’d hate to be them.”

It was a crazy afternoon, but a memorable one. The life of a guardian angel is full of surprises. Especially when the one your guarding has fire powers!

Don’t worry, Tony’s wings healed over time.


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